Painting for Women's Rights

New York painter Christel Ibsen explains that being a woman means, "being good at multitasking." The Danish native has been doing exactly that, all her life. Her professional ventures took her around the globe, while also raising a family and discovering humanitarian causes. Her latest work, a series of abstract paintings consisting out of pure particles and other natural materials, such as saffron and peppercorn, are incorporating her advocacy work.

Coaching Tomorrow's Female Leaders in New York City

Danish native Lena Beck Rorvig is passing on valid professional advise to women in executive positions. A healthy self-confidence can be trained.

Megan Jones Represents United Families International at the United Nations

Together with her friend Morgan van Vitert, she came to New York City and gave her first presentation at the United Nations, "promoting the family unit, mom, dad and children".

Bookie Kethusegile Supports Women Entrepreneurs in Botswana

Bookie Kethusegile is representing the National Council for NGO's. The National Council of NGOs, popularly known as the NGOs Council, is a self-regulating, non-partisan body comprising all registered NGOs in Kenya.

Veronika Sobolova and Isa Adriane Günther Are Participating in Model United Nations

Both women study at the Free University of Berlin and are partaking in an educational simulation and/or academic competition in which students learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN.

Morgan van Vitert Promotes the Traditional Family Model at the United Nations

In New York for the first time, her presentation at the United Nations was a "life changing experience." Morgan van Vitert works for the NGO United Families International, promoting the family model, mother, father and children.

Paweena Subhimaros Is Enabling the Empowerment of Women In Thailand

Dr. Subhimaros is with the Thai delegation at this year's Commission on the Status of Women (CSW).

Standing Up For Women With HIV/AIDS - Karen Marcinczyk From New Jersey

Today, at the United Nations I met this wonderful, strong woman from my state of residence, New Jersey.

Mary Ann Kaikai Supports Ebola Survivors in Sierra Leone

Mary Ann Kaikai works for Salone Business Women's Hub in Sierra Leone.


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