Veronika Sobolova and Isa Adriane Günther Are Participating in Model United Nations

Veronika (left)
"I feel it is very important that women participate in the Model UN, so there will be a greater female representation within the UN, longer term. I am from Slovakia and it is still quite hard to be a woman back home. For example, when I moved to Germany and started studying in Berlin, I saw female professors for the first time in my life. We also only have very few women in the Slovakian parliament."
Isa Adriane
"Within the Model UN Veronika and I are representing the interests of the state of Israel in the third committee. We are dealing with the elimination of discrimination, privacy issues and the rights of indigenous people. I would love to become a High School teacher after university, teaching tolerance, instill an interest in politics and turn my students into voters."