Swedish Chic Manhattan - Galore Group

Photo:Galore Groupe

New York City is still, after all, and foremost the city for creative self-invention. And with globalization setting new norms in the ways we communicate and do trade and business, New York City becomes more than ever *the* Western metropolis for truly international business cooperation, attracting the best from all over. Young minds that are willing to dare, innovate and succeed. Sara Nory and Per Magnusson arrived in the Big Apple from Sweden and set up shop, namely Galore Groupe, in the fashion district -showcasing strictly Swedish.

The country Sweden is situated right in between Norway and Finland in the far North of Europe. It is hosting 9.6 Million citizens, 20,000 of them Sami an indigenous Finno-Ugric people better known as Laplanders. Supposedly, Swedes eat 1,836,000 Ikea meatballs a day. They have a German queen, and their world-wide renowned cinematic export is director Ingmar Bergman. Diverse breeds of Jazz exist in Sweden, and one of their most exciting current exports is without a doubt, apparel. Minimal, clean, functional fashion, that speaks to a hip and mostly urban crowd.

In the early 2000s, the "Swedish fashion wonder" turned meme. There are various approaches to its definition. One Swedish garments' success story is definitely the rise of the label Acne. The eccentric name, combined with unusual store locations, and very, very distinctive pink bags, worn by people of all age and gender, make for a hip recipe with universal aspiration. Another one would be the establishment of the label H&M, with sales through the roof, wherever the chain decides to open their branches. The oscillation from mass brand to avant-garde, might just make for the secret to Sweden's success in fashion, on planet-scale.

Four labels are currently represented by the Galore Groupe wholesale showroom in Midtown Manhattan. Those are Whyred, yngmar, By Malina and Enter. The general formula appears to be a mix of simplicity, high-quality materials, directness, elegance, finesse and that touch of "old world feeling," with which European labels often express a special sense for retro-modernity.

Nory and Magnuss'on, the two brains behind the business radiate savvy and the awareness that they found a perfect niche that allows for accretion and creativity. "We believe in Swedish products and their compatibility to Northern American markets," they say. "We also believe in customer service, loyalty and slow, substantial growth."

The city of dreams will most certainly take care of you.