Rules of the Road

Ricardo Torres was walking to the Newport Centre mall two summers ago when he almost lost his life.
He was on the northeast corner of 6th Street and Marin, waiting for the light to change, and when it did and he got the “walk” signal, he stepped out onto Marin. Motorists routinely ignore the 25-mile per hour speed limit on this four-lane road as they race to and from the Holland Tunnel, Hoboken, the mall or elsewhere. Almost instantly, he saw a black truck barreling toward him. 
On surveillance video released by the Jersey City Police Department, Torres, clad in a black T-shirt and baseball cap, raises his arms, as if in surrender – just moments before being run over by the truck as it speeds through the red light. Police estimated the truck was going about 45 miles per hour.

This article was originally posted October 2010, in the
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